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Vela Luka is situated on the west part of Korcula Island in a bay of quiet beaches and numerous little islands. There is a ferry port on south part of the town.
Vela Luka is on of the last oasis that keeps gifts of a true Mediterranean: mild climate, clean sea and air, olives, figs, music ...
It is a second sized town on the Adriatic islands.
Vela Luka with its 2 671 sunny hours a year is the sunniest place on the whole Adriatic. Summers are hot with an average June and July temperature of 25,6 °C, and  winters sunny and mild with an average January temperature of  9,1 °C . Sea temperatures in the summer are between 21 and 24 °C, while in the coastal area they go up to 28 °C. Transparency of the clear blue sea is 13 - 31 meter.

Cultural identity of Vela Luka is recognizable because it comes out of the harmony between man and the nature.
Just a few miles from centre of Vela Luka we are finding the traces of human presence and his work even from the times of prehistoric. Rich archaeological site of Vela Spila testifies about that. Archaeological collection of Vela Spila can be seen at Vela Luka Cultural Centre.  In the centre you can see the coin collection and the only Henry Moore statue in Croatia.

Traditional ceremonies in July and August offer numerous concerts, exhibitions, presentations, fairs etc.
Regatta in honour of St. John that is held on 24th of June shouldn't be missed.

In Vela Luka, just a few minutes from the centre you will find your hidden beach. Mediterranean brings its smells and wonders and makes Vela Luka ideal for the rest of your body and soul.

In gastronomically offer of seafood specialties of numerous Vela Luka “konobas” and restaurants you will feel the taste of Dalmatian.

Soft Mediterranean sun, clear night sky with stars, blue sea around islet  Proizd, smell of rosemary, song of the crickets on islet Osjak, Dalmatian “klapa” song, friendly atmosphere of your host that you will never forget.

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