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How to get in Vela Luka

Arrival by Ferry

Jadrolinija WEB site
National ship transport company
Riva 16   51000 Rijeka Croatia
Tel. +385 (0) 51 211 444       
Fax. +385 (0) 51 213 116

Arrival by Car

There are various ways to come to Croatia by car.
For more detailed information check Croatian Auto Club  - tell 987. On these pages you will find the best and actual information about traffic and road conditions, border crossing, traffic restrictions and road assistance, as well. Depending on from witch direction you entered Croatia check local transport for quickest way of coming to Vela Luka.

Arrival by plane

Depending from witch airport in Croatia are you coming from check the local transport. The airports nearest to Vela Luka are Split and Dubrovnik. These towns are with directly connections to Vela Luka, by bus or ferry.

National air company
Teslina 5 10000 Zagreb
Tel: +385 (0) 1 616 02 46      
Fax: +385 (0) 1 616 02 90
Berislaviceva 2 10000 Zagreb

Tel: +385 (0) 800 7777, +385 (0) 1 481 96 33       
tel: +385 (0) 62 777 777, +385 (0) 1 487 27 27       

Some of the air transport companies that fly to Croatia: Air France, Austrian Airlines, British Airways, Air Canada, AerLingus, Lauda Air, Lufthansa, German Wings, Wizz Air, RyanAir.

More with domestic transfers
Check the quickest way to Vela Luka, island of Korcula.

From Zagreb - Direct bus every day to Vela Luka, Rijeka or Split. There are planes every day to Split or Rijeka. From there you can get on the ferry to Vela Luka every day. For the map of the roads to Split or Rijeka... look at the  map!

From Rijeka - Direct ferry to Korcula town or a bus to Split where you can get on the ferry to Vela Luka.  
Highway to Split.

From Split - more direct daily lines with ferry sailing to Vela Luka, or town Korcula.

From Drvenik - Direct ferry  to the island of Korčula.

From Ploče - Direct ferry  to Trpanj on Peljesac and then carry on to Orebić where you can get ferry  to Korčula.

From Orebić - Direct ferry  to  Korčula

From Korčula - Bus or car to Vela Luka

From Dubrovnik - Bus or car to Orebić and then ferry to Korčula.

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